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Actress cum media personality, Stephanie Coker has lamented over how this generation has normalized prostitution saying it’s actually crazy.

Stephanie Coker seems to be fed-up with the way this generation has normalized prostitution as if it’s nothing serious lamented over it saying it’s actually crazy how things are going even though she’s not on a moral horse or anything.

According to her, she’s not trying to bring any morality into what she’s saying but then if we are being honest, we would agree with her that it’s actually crazy how this generation has in a sense normalized prostitution.

Stephanie Coker went ahead to ask whether it is the destiny child ‘independent women’ generation a scam as she’s trying her very best to be objective but then she seems not to understand how prostitution could be normalized.

Stephanie Coker’s worry has been the worry of most women as women of this generation claim to be independent women but then normalize prostitution to depend on men for everything even though they claim to be independent women.

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