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Stella Damasus’s Estranged Husband Daniel Ademinokan Shades With His Cryptic Post.

The estranged husband of actress Stella Damasus, Daniel Ademinokan has thrown some subtle shade with his cryptic message advising fans.

Daniel Ademinokan in his cryptic message warned his fans and followers to be careful of the kind of motivational messages they follow and especially the person that gives the motivational message because he/she might need it even more than them.

According to Daniel Ademinokan, one should be sure that the driver of the motivational vehicle he/she is jumping into isn’t blind as your therapist may be the one who needs therapy and not you the follower or fan.

This post of Daniel is very cryptic as it’s really hard to understand but taking it from a layman’s perspective, he’s just warning that one should be very careful with those they take motivational messages from because some might be worse than them.

Some citizens think his post is a shade directed at one particular motivational speaker whom he knows needs what he/she preachers far more than those he/she reaches out to and others believe is Stella Damasus who once in a while motivate her followers.

Stella Damasus and Daniel Ademinokan even though have separated for a while now sometimes come together to work on a movie and she has stared in some of his movies.

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