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Actress Sotayo Gaga, has savagely replied to a clueless troll who mocked her saying her ring isn’t nice and doesn’t suit her claiming it’s worth more than her life.

The clueless troll reacting to a post of Sotayo Gaga showing off her ring said it’s not fine and doesn’t suit her and actress Sotayo Gaga reacting to that went savage on the troll saying her ring is worth more than her life.

According to Soyato Gaga, her ring doesn’t need to be fine and she likes the fact that it cost past the troll if someone wants to buy her in the market meaning the ring is far more worth than the life of the troll.

Actress Soyato Gaga knocked some sense into the skull of this clueless troll who mocked her for having a ring that isn’t fine saying the ring that she claims isn’t fine is much more worthy than her life when they are both sent to the market.

Some citizens have decided not to mind their business and will put their nose in everything that goes on making the lives of some celebrities unbearable with their comments but actress Soyato Gaga has put one in her place.

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