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The Son of MC Oluomo, King West has gotten angry and bitter for being dragged after his father sidelined Ehi to marry another woman recently.

A video of MC Oluomo getting married to another woman in the States surfaced and that got netizens talking and wondering what happened to Ehi whom they had praised and made a lot of people jealous off.

A curious fan gathered the courage to ask his son about what happened to Ehi that his father got married to another woman but that question alone got him angry that he went savage on the fan and that really got him dragged.

The fan wasn’t ready to let him have the last laugh hence dragged him continuously asking him to not badmouth Ehi after all she did for him and his dad MC Oluomo who later sidelined her to marry another woman recently.

The son of MC Oluomo after being tired of how the fan was dragging him finally appreciated Ehi saying she’s a good woman and will still be the best to her because she advises him and that is why he posts and praises her.

From the replies of MC Oluomo’s son to the curious fan who was asking simple questions, it appears he was insecure about something and didn’t want to address the whole situation and make any mistake.

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