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The Son-in-law of Dangote, Jamil Abubakar has given a word of advice to those intending to marry soon asking them not to be a liability to themselves and others.

Jamil in a tweet pleaded with his friend and close pals who are intending to marry soon not to call him or send him any message about their marriage if they don’t have shishi to get married because he won’t aid their decision.

According to Jamil, marriage goes beyond the wedding they are going to have therefore if you can’t provide the basics after the wedding then marriage is not for you, and don’t even bother yourself as his friend calling or inviting him.

Jamil then advised that don’t be a liability to yourself and others after getting married hence if you know you can’t provide for yourself and your family after your wedding, then don’t bother yourself getting married because it’s not for you.

Though a part of his post seems to be directed at his friends and close pals who intend to marry soon, it’s advice that will help almost everyone as you don’t need to rush into marriage and become a liability on yourself and others.

This advice from Jamil also goes to ladies as well because in this generation men don’t want to marry women who will be a burden on them after the wedding therefore you have to make yourself financially stable before getting into marriage.

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