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Social media influencer and vlogger, Shadaya Knight has dropped his two cents as he addresses the issue of how women shame men over their sexual performance but men don’t do same to women.

In a series of tweets, Shadaya Knight revealed that only a few women are very good in bed, however, he noted that women will not agree with him because eventually the man still cum during sexual intercourse whether it was good or bad.

According to him, some women can’t stay on top of a man for more than 3 seconds and berated women whose private part are smelly, urging them to clean it.

He wrote;

Every woman thinks her pussy is gold. Women shame men for their sexual performance – from size to duration. But because men are thirsty for pussy, they’ll never tell women that they’re equally guilty. In all honest very few women are good sexually…

But women will never believe this because either way a man will still cum whether it was good or bad. Unlike for a woman she’ll only cum if it was that good for her. So these women continue to believe they’re all that even though they ain’t…

If you were to secretly ask dudes in relationships/marriages if they were being satisfied sexually by their partners, 90% would tell you they have to fantasize about some porn star or some hoe they once fucked, just so they can cum…

Some of these women are smelly, that fat ass & pussy needs cleaning. Some of these women are lazy, can’t do more than 3 seconds on top. Some just be screaming like they’re in a horror flick. But we’re men, we never really mock them about it.

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