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Nigerian gifted female vocalist and songwriter, Seyi Shay has finally opened up on how she was forced to become very harsh on Nigerian idol.

Seyi Shay is known for her outspokenness on every issue. Recall that in one of her moments on the Nigerian Idol show, she told one of the young contestants aspiring to be a singer that he would not make money being a singer in the industry. These comments from Seyi Shay got a lot of people bashing her on social media.

Seyi shay has disclosed the main reason why she has been very harsh on the show and also talked about how she deals with the backlashes. The host asked her if her personality on the show was the real her or just putting up a new character. She replied saying…

“Yeah, we’re definitely prompted. We all have our little iPad in front of us and so we have the leading sentences, and they are all tailor-made for each person. So you have Sose’s name and then you have all his leading sentences. You have Seyi Shay and you have all her leading sentences. Sorry, Idol if I’m giving it all out. I don’t know if I’m giving away too much.”

“I think if you’re talking about my personality on the show. I think based on the fact that I’m the only female and female in Nigeria are expected to be a little bit more reserved, laid back, and not so honest. So, Nigerian Idol thought it would be really good to make it a controversial series and make the female the most vocal one, which is why I probably really had the most controversial leading sentences, but aside from that also, I’m quite a very honest person. I don’t beat around the bush. I think my fans from day one know that I’m very bold and very honest” she added.

When asked how she has been able to deal with the backlashes and insults from the public because of her harshness on the show, she said…

“It’s nothing because what you have to understand is that, the show is heavily edited. We didn’t get into a live episode until two days ago. So, we have been filming since January, February and We’ve auditions thousands of people.”

“We’re on set 12hours every day, at some point if you’re getting more than a hundred contestants and you’re only hearing five good voices, you’ll become deaf and angry but the truth is, a lot of my feedback was honest and fair, but the things is when they edit and what you see as the public, is not actually everything I said.”

“So they’ve taken it out of context for the advert, for clips and because we Nigerians we don’t do our research, we don’t really watch or think about the whole perspective, on what really could have happened, then you find out most people are jumping into conclusion, believing the snippet they see.”

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