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Seun Kuti, has is apparently angry about the way women are abused sexually and objectified and in a new post on Instagram, he emptied his thoughts about the subject.

The son of the legendary Afrobeat originator Fela Kuti contended that those who argue that the kind of clothes women put on is the catalyst for rape is outrageously baseless. According to him, African women have walked around practically naked for 1000s of years hence there’s no justification for them to be raped because of what they wear.

His post reads: “Women weren’t created for men. Women weren’t created at all, for men. That lie must be erased from your head. It’s not a coincidence that 95 percent of all rapists are both Christians and Muslims.

African women walked around practically naked for 1000s of years so what women wear isn’t an excuse neither. How about the damage the Catholic church is doing to our boys and sharia courts sentencing women who defend themselves from rape to death!!

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