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Actress Rosy Meurer has stated her priorities now that she has a family of her own saying all she wants to do is to take care of her husband and son.

According to Rosy Meurer who is now Mrs. Churchill, the family in which you come from is important but the family you create yourself is the number one priority and that is hers right now which is her husband and son.

Rosy Meurer also stated in her post that motherhood has changed her mindset and the way she views life therefore all she wants to do is to take care of her husband Olakunle Churchill and her son King Andre Jnr.

Adding that in her husband she knows true love and in her son, she knows pure love therefore she wants to take care of the family she has created now in order not to lose the true love and pure love that she has now.

It’s true the family from which you came is very important but then the family you create after marriage needs to be your priority and that also doesn’t mean you have to ignore the family that you came from in the first place.

The family you come from is important, but the family you create is your number one priority. Motherhood has changed my mindset and the way I view life. All I want to do is take care of my son and husband. In my husband I know TRUE LOVE 
In my son I know PURE LOVE 

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