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Actress Regina Daniels‘s brother Sweezy has blessed the union of their mother Rita Daniels with her young lover even though the other siblings are allegedly not happy.

According to reports, Regina Daniels and some of her siblings weren’t in support of the idea of their mother getting married to her young lover over the weekend hence didn’t go to support her but guess Sweezy is now supporting her

Sweezy commenting on a post of their mother Rita Daniels saying true love wins after marrying her young lover blessed her union saying it will never die showing his support for his mother’s union after the marriage.

Regina Daniels is yet to say anything about her mother’s marriage to the young lover now that she has been allegedly admitted to the hospital but her brother Sweezy seems to have put everything aside to bless their mother’s union.

It was somehow awkward that none of the children of Rita Daniels were at the marriage ceremony and none of them congratulated her like they did on her birthday but then Sweezy has broken his silence to bless her union saying it will never die.

Almost everyone is looking forward now to see Regina Daniels reaction whether she will follow her brother’s footsteps and wish her mom all the best or she will still ignore since she’s not in support of the union in the first place.

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