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Billionaire wife, Regina Daniels, has bragged with her airtime and data bundle which is about 1 million Naira on her phone and that has got citizens talking.

Regina Daniels showed off that she’s got a lot of data bundle and airtime which is about 1 million Naira, an amount that some people wish to have in their bank account but don’t even have but has deleted the post after being prompted.

This has got a lot of citizens talking with some praising her saying her airtime balance and data bundle plenty past most people’s bank account and yet they will still troll her over and over again because she married an old man.

Having almost 1 million Naira as data bundle and airtime has actually surprised a lot of people as they are content with the little amount they have only to know that Regina Daniels’ airtime and data bundle is even more than money in their account.

Regina Daniels has been trolled on countless occasions for getting married to Ned Nwoko who is probably of the same age as her father but then has been trying to prove to the world that she’s happy and doesn’t lack anything.

If Regina Daniels has about 1 million Naira on her phone as airtime and data bundle, then she is actually not lacking anything in her husband’s house but as to whether she’s happy or not, we can’t tell.

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