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Actress Princess Comedienne has reacted after alleged child molester Baba Ijesha was granted bail over health issues saying she will definitely win the case.

Baba Ijesha who has been in police custody for molesting a minor at 7 and coming back to molest her again at the age of 14 until the court resumes to take off the case was granted bail yesterday on the grounds that his detention is having negative effects on him medically.

Comedienne Princess happens to be the foster mother of the girl in question and reacting to Baba Ijesha being granted bail made it clear that no matter what she will win the case even if it’s not immediately, she will definitely win it.

According to Comedienne Princess, God does not sleep and He loves children too therefore no matter what others do to help the alleged child molester Baba Ijesha, she believes God will let her win the case when the right time comes.

She went ahead to call on everyone to say no to child defilement and say no to rape asking them to say something if they see something to prevent the kinds of Baba Ijesha who are still roaming around from hurting children over and over again.

Some other actresses who support comedienne Princess promised to make sure the little girl in question gets justice and now that Baba Ijesha has been granted bail, most of them are disappointed in those supporting him but aren’t giving up until justice is served.

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