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The INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church leader, Primate Elijah Ayodele, has revealed that the punishment on Nigeria is a result of the disobedience of the people.

According to him, God is using Buhari to deal with Nigerians for deserting him and refusing to call and look up to him. He had an interaction where he made the revelations known.

In his words: “We are clamouring for change because we are tired; in the Bible, God used Saul to teach them a lesson of their lives. So God has used Buhari to teach Nigerians that whenever you desist from calling ‘my name, this is what will happen.’

“Like the issue of COVID-19, the virus was a mysterious disease that dealt with world leaders who have refused to humble themselves before God; that is what we are seeing. COVID-19 has made everybody humble before God. Nigeria needs to humble before God because God has not started anything yet. If you now take it the wrong way, then you will see what will happen.”

“Nobody can Islamize Nigeria, mark my words; anyone saying that is just using it to score political goals; that’s far from it. God has said Nigeria cannot be Islamized,”

You could recall he once said it is not possible for an Igbo to achieve the 2023 presidential ambition of the people. He said: “Igbo presidency is not the solution to Nigerians problem, I am not a politician but am speaking as a prophet not as a pastor because so many pastors have corrupted the system and can’t tell the truth because they believe they are of government interest. However, everybody is of government interests. If the government is not doing the right, there are some prophets that God will send to the nation, to the prime ministers in the bible, telling them that he is against their ruling. So people who are saying those right words; they will not want them.

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