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Socialite Pretty Mike Of Lagos has shared with us how the mother of his supposed daughter cheated on him with his best friend Yomi while pregnant.

Pretty Mike explaining the whole situation said the woman in question was someone he met at the club and slept with after which he settled her but 6 months later she called him saying she’s pregnant for him which he doubted.

According to Pretty Mike, he never wanted to accept the pregnancy and the lady involved her friends and his friends and his best friend Yomi took it upon himself to persuade him into accepting the child but then he later caught them cheating.

Two years later after not seeing any resemblance of himself Pretty Mike and the girl, he decided to do the DNA and it turned out that the child wasn’t his and he tricked his friend Yomi into doing it only for them to realize that the child isn’t his either.

This means that the lady got pregnant for someone else and decided to give the child to Pretty Mike who in turn fell in love with the little girl when she was born but got heartbroken to know he isn’t her father.

The mother of his supposed child was seen sleeping with his best friend and that was when he (Pretty Mike) decided to have a DNA test when the child is born but then got his heart melted and forgot about DNA upon seeing the little girl.

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