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Pretty Mike Cautions Blessing Tappers That You Are Always Tapping From A Source You Don’t Know.

Sighted on his Instagram page, Pretty Mike slammed those who are fond of tapping everything that looks good about people especially during church service.

According to him, most people don’t know what the source of what they are tapping from and when they finally get what they asked for, they begin to blame innocent village people.

He wrote;

You are Tapping, any small thing you are tapping. 

I tap from this….. I tap from that”, Tapping from a source that only shows you the smooth side. Tapping from a source u are not sure how it was gotten or where it came from

when ur prayers are answered and gives u exactly what u were tapping into, you will start calling village people and asking God if you are his step child. 

Remember when u were tapping into that daily dose of slaps packaged as true love on Instagram

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