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Nigerian reggae-dancehall superstar, Patoranking has said he wishes to celebrated now when he is alive.

It is very common among today’s people to celebrate a family member or a person when he/she is no more instead of doing so when the person was very much alive and needed help. Gone were the days when human beings loved each other and extended helping hands without any ulterior motive.

Today, people use their fellow human beings to their advantage and take delight in abusing and neglecting them when they need their help the most when the little help and an act of love could have gone a long way to save the person.

According to Patoranking, he wishes not to find himself in such a situation, therefore, he has employed his friends, family and followers to show him, love, while he is alive and not wait until he has passed on to the ancestral world.

Taking to social media, he shared a photo of himself looking very spruce and stylish in a car with the caption;

“Celebrate me now when I dey alive”

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