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Pastor Goodheart Val Aloysius is ready to battle Prophet Chukwuemeka Ohanemere Odumeje fondly called the Smack Down Prophet spiritually.

Goodheart condemned Prophet Odumeje after he castigated late comedienne, Ada Jesus when she visited his church to plead for forgiveness.

While descending on the “Smack Down Prophet”, Goodheart noted that he has no spiritual powers and all the said miracles that occur in his church are staged to make him appear powerful.

Goodheart Val Aloysius, of Father’s House International Church urged Prophet Odumeje to shun his deceitful ways.

“Odumeje is not a Prophet but a mere entertainer and singer. “

He concluded asking for prophetic challenge at the National Stadium in Abuja with Prophet Odumeje. He noted on 31st May, 2021, he and Odumeje would have to call down rain and he who fails would have his church closed down. He entreated all media houses in Nigerian to be present to witness and find out who really possess true powers.

Pastor Goodheart Val Aloysius was last in the news when he made a cryptic post on Facebook which got many people talking. He noted that people who have 3 cars and yet watch their pastors to trek without a car have got their days numbered. He said;

“Oga you have 3 cars and your pastor is trekking without a car and you are very comfortable. Don’t worry, your days are numbered.”

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