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OAP Toolz has criticized Yoruba actor Yomi Fabiyi over his protest against Iyabo Ojo and comedienne Princess for Baba Ijesha.

Yomi Fabiyi ever since this alleged molestation case popped up has been defending Baba Ijesha even to the extent of calling for the arrest of those who set him up to get evidence against him for molesting a child when she was 7yrs.

Yomi Fabiyi is set to lead a protest tomorrow for the police to give Baba Ijesha the chance to get a bailout of the police custody saying it’s against the law to hold someone in police custody for over 24hrs without any bail.

OAP Toolz reacting to that slammed Yomi Fabiyi saying his approach and determination of defending a pedophile is the lowest form of clout chasing as she never imagined someone will stage a protest to defend a pedophile.

According to OAP Toolz, she imagined Yomi Fabiyi is doing all that for attention but then it’s the lowest form of clout chasing or maybe he’s is doing all that to defend someone he has a lot in common with.

OAP Toolz happens to be the second person to insinuate that Yomi Fabiyi is doing all that to defend Baba Ijesha because he’s also attracted to children and has been molesting them or there’s something that is going on between him and Baba Ijesha.

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