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Nollywood actress, Nuella Njugigbo has jet out to Ghana after allegedly walking out of her marriage with husband and filmmaker, Tchidi Chikere.

As reported earlier, a look into Nuella’s Instagram page revealed that the actress who formerly used the Nuella Njubigbo Chikere on her bio on Instagram has taken off the ‘Chikere’ which is the surname of her husband from her bio.

The actress also removed the ‘wife’ status or designation on her bio to suggest that she is no more a wife to her supposed husband even after they both debunked rumors and reports about their split.

However, in a report by Instagram blogger, Cutie Julls, Nuella Njubigbo was living in an abusive marriage and after allegedly ending their union, she decided to fly to Ghana to cool off.

The actress shared a photo of her in a private jet comfortably seated as she makes her trip to Accra, and interestingly, photos from her chilling moments revealed that she was not wearing her wedding ring.

Cutie Julls wrote;

“Amebo coming in is that Nuella don Waka out from Oga Tchidi’s life.” Movie producer, Tchidi Chikere’s former wife, jets of to Accra to cool off after finally walking out of her abusive marriage

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