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Actress, Nnaji Charity Slams Filmmakers, said It Is Witchcraft To Make Actors Appear Rich In Movies When Most Of Them Are Broke In Real Life

A movie is a make belief piece of art form and predominantly created to depict reality, however, mostly it is not what we see in movies that are true although it is aimed at reflecting society.

Nollywood actress, Charity Nnaji seems to have an issue with producers and directors of Nigerian movies regarding the real lifestyles of actors and actresses.

Sighted on her Instagram story, Charity Nnaji bemoaned that producers and directors make the artist appear rich in the movie meanwhile the artist are broke in real life as most of them can’t afford a square meal a day.

The delectable script-interpreter and brand influencer described it as witchcraft and she further stated that most Nollywood legends are very poor in real life.

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