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According to Premium Times, Nkechi Blessing has reacted to her suspension in an Instagram live which had over 2,500 viewers. According to Nkechi, TAMPAN is not an organized group because they did not send her the statement directly and officially but rather shared it on social media.

In her words….

“It came as a shock to me because normally, in an organization that is organized, you’re not supposed to serve anybody a letter on social media. I did not join the industry through social media, that is the number one error they wrote to themselves, not to me.”

“You claim I’m one of your members in your association, you didn’t call me, you didn’t send a text, you didn’t send an email. You didn’t try contacting me in any way, and you put up whatever you put up on Instagram without even tagging me, some other person sent it to me, who does that?” she question.

We all have the right to air our opinions on our platforms. How do you suspend me when I have never been part of your association? I have never attended your meetings. You’re telling the board of directors not to call me for jobs, when was the last time I crossed your cameras?,” Ms. Blessing said.

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