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Actress Nkechi Blessing has got herself involved in a fight over how Naomi Campbell became a mother at the age of 50 which seems a miracle.

Naomi Campbell announced that she is a mother at the age of 50 but didn’t specify whether she gave birth herself or she adopted the baby or went for surrogate but almost everyone was happy for her with the news.

Nkechi Blessing reacting to that praised God for making Naomi Campbell a mother saying what God cannot do still does not exist from making a 50-year-old woman a mother but some people seem to disagree with her on that.

Someone who seems to disagree with Nkechi Blessing replied her comment saying what science cannot do still doesn’t exist and that became an argument between Nkechi Blessing and the guy who thinks Naomi became a mother thanks to science.

Nkechi Blessing is of the idea that Naomi Campbell is a mother now thanks to God but then another thinks she’s a mother now thanks to science and that created controversy among some other fans while reacting to the post.

Naomi Campbell only stated that the little angel chose her to be her mother but didn’t say whether she gave birth herself or adopted or even went for surrogacy but the most important thing now is she’s a mother.

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