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Nollywood actress, Nkechi Blessing has dished out a warning to her fellow Nigerian brothers and sisters as kidnapping and abduction has become rampant in recent times.

Nkechi Blessing brought to the attention of her fans the tricks kidnappers use to trap their victims in a recent post on her Instagram page.

The heavily-endowed mother of one revealed that kidnappers now intentionally ram smash people’s car in a bid to cause the victim to come out of his car and when they succeed, they force them into the boot of their cars whilst threatening them with guns and according to her, this is the trend in Warri.

She advised her fans not to fall for this trick when they encounter one but rather speed off when their car is hit by another car especially when the incident occur after 7pm and she remarked that we are in perilous times.

In her words;

‘Latest kidnapping Trick in Warri : Kidnappers now deliberately dent d cars of their victims. Once d owners stop and come down, d kidnappers would bring out guns and order d victims into the car boot.

This is trending in Warri now. If your car is rammed into by another person as from 7 pm, speed off. Don’t stop for argument or quarrel. Warn your wives, brothers, sisters, and friends. We are in an armageddon state of nature – the perilous time. Watch ye therefore and pray always”.

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