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Actress Nkechi Blessing and Lege Miami have been suspended by the Theatre Arts and Motion pictures Practitioners Association of Nigeria (TAMPAN) over their banter on social media.

The TAMPAN Guild has informed all Guilds under them to henceforth desist from having any professional dealings with Nkechi Blessing and Lege Miami until further notice from them over dragging and insulting each other.

Nkechi Blessing and Lege Miami have been dragging and insulting each other on social media over a comment Lege Miami made in respect to Baba Ijesha’s rape saga which he later came to apologize for after being dragged.

Even yesterday, Nkechi Blessing dragged and insulted Lege Miami saying her attention is not for any classless idiot hence she isn’t going to respond to him now they both have been suspended by TAMPAN from acting for a while.

Their suspension simply means no movie producer or director under TAMPAN would be able to call them for any role in movies until the guild decides whether to lift their ban or be suspended forever over their banter on social media.

Nkechi Blessing and Lege Miami aren’t the only ones who dragged and insulted each other during the Baba Ijesha rape saga as other actors and actresses did therefore we are looking forward to seeing TAMPAN suspend all of them like Nkechi and Lege.

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