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It is no news that Baba Ijesha was held accountable for sexually harassing a 7 year old girl who is now 14 years old. Baba Ijesha who was arrested has been granted bail with two sureties. Princess in a video stated that Baba Ijesha defiled her daughter 7 years ago without knowing but her daughter opened up to her when she turned 14 years.

In reaction actor Elesho has appealed to Princess, the governor of Lagos State and the State Police Command to have mercy on the Yoruba actor.

However, the video drew many reactions from social media with many Nigerians disagreeing with the Yoruba actor. They noted that Baba Ijesha should face justice over the crime he committed and some further posed a question to the actor asking whether he was going to let go had it been her daughter in that case. Ghgossip compiled some reactions from Nigerians;

@sabeehyathoyin for instance wrote; “Daddy thank you Sir. Agba yin a dale sir. We the anti-pedophil, the moms and sisters of the girl have heard your apology and accepted. May God keep us all. Moving on please when is the court date, because he needs to be man enough to accept consequences and be honourable enough to be accountable. We are not angry again Sir. We just want justice. Thank you sir”

@yeshua_myguide11 wrote; “Why are these old people fooling themselves asking for this man to be forgiven. If it were an old poor man with dirty clothes in the North that did the same thing these same people would be calling for his castration”

@mramazing_03 wrote: “This has always been our problem in this country if he is forgiven then bandits and Boko haram should be forgiven too!! A crime is a crime regardless of who u are! U must pay for your sins”

@officiallyunderworld wrote; “If it is your daughter will you temper justice with mercy, even Bible talk am say over righteousness is sin, this is not his first time, other will still do say and still want justice to be tempered with mercy, come on let call a spade a spade and reason like human, put yourself in this woman’s shoe, let justice be take its place, so that other will learn how to control there sexual life, this is not even an adult but a minor, what are you even saying sir, with all due respect let that bastard face the law,rape and molestation is in high increase today because the people involve in these act re not being punished for their evil act.”

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