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Gospel musician, Nathaniel Bassey, has cautioned Nigerians who insult men of God during a football banter saying their actions can hunt them later.

Nathaniel Bassey in a thread of tweets asked how some Nigerians think it’s a crime for a man of God to share his views and thoughts on football games and has used the friendly banter as a reason to insult and ridicule Nigerian pastors.

According to Nathaniel Bassey, how has being a Nigerian pastor got to do with a football game that some people take advantage of the situation to insult and ridicule pastors throwing away their decorum and respect.

Nathaniel Bassey then cautioned that people should be very careful on social media because being on social media doesn’t mean they should throw away their decorum and respect for people forgetting that life can be interesting.

Nathaniel Bassey then accused those who insult and ridicule pastors of being the reason why some ministers of the gospel appear to put up a mystical front as there’s nothing wrong to share friendly banter on football.

Adding that as for him Nathaniel Bassey, there’s no way he’s going to quit enjoying football but then he might rethink sharing them on social media since he doesn’t want to give people the platform to disrespect others.

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