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Mr Macaroni Slams Nigerian Police For Harassing Him, Saying, Who Is Your Dear?

Comedian Mr Macaroni has slammed the Nigerian police for not doing anything about a harassment case that has to do with their officials.

Mr Macaroni who seems furious about the fact that the police are still asking him to identify the policemen who harassed him when the video has gone viral for everyone to see the policemen slammed them as he warns them.

According to Mr Macaroni, the police promise to make sure justice takes place but that hasn’t been done hence took to social media to call them out asking whether the justice they promised him has taken its cause on the officers involved.

Mr Macaroni then went ahead to hoot at them in a video attached to his post asking whether the officers who were in the viral video that everyone saw aren’t from the Nigerian police force that they have refused to let justice take its cause.

He then went ahead to warn them not to let him send them an early morning curse because it will definitely work calling them evil and heartless for allowing officers who harassed and dehumanized him to roam about freely.

This isn’t the first time someone is calling out the Nigerian police for their inhumane actions and allow not to punish their officers involved in crimes and Mr Macaroni seems not pleased at all with what they did to him.

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