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South African singer, Moonchild Sanelly has made a strong case for bisexual men on social media and wants ladies to take a second thought on it.

Moonchild Sanelly praised the sexual prowess of bisexual men and compared it to straight men as she reveals that bisexual men knack women better than straight men in bed.

According to her, there are a lot of girls who would love to enjoy themselves with bisexual boys because straight boys lack skills during sexual intercourse and she recommended bisexual boys to girls who want to explore their sexual life and have real sex as she may be talking out of an experience she has had with a bisexual man.

She made this commentary on her official Twitter page and it reads;

Can bisexual men just own it!!! Coz lies are very saddening! I do t know if u know that there’s plenty girls who love to have fun with bisexual boys coz straight boys be straight up unskilled with some sex things!!!!! #ownit We want that!

Bisexual boys fuck better than straight rigid boys!!! Girls …don’t say I never plugged u to real sex!!! #freedomfunsex

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