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Renowned Nigerian actress, Mercy Aigbe has disclosed in a recent interview why she has no tattoos on his body like her fellow colleagues in the industry.

In an interview, Mercy Aigbe disclosed that she is not a fan of tattoos because she dislikes anything that inflicts pain on the body. She also disclosed that she easily gets bored with things and may end up tattooing her body because of her obsession with having nice things around her.

In her words, she told the interviewer, “Maybe it’s because I dread pain. But seriously, I don’t like it on me because I’m an insatiable person when it comes to having things like that on my body. Today I may like a bird, and the following day I’ll get tired of that and want to change it.”

“And asides that, in my job, you’ll have to play different roles, so it automatically restricts the number of roles you can play in a movie, so I feel like a professional actress, you shouldn’t, maybe to an extent, have a permanent thing on your body.”

On the other hand, Mercy Aigbe also revealed that she has a plan to give out some of her old dresses to fans: “I’ve lost count and I hardly sleep in my room now. This morning, a thought just crossed my mind that maybe I should do something for my die-hard followers, my fans, if they don’t mind, the clothes I’ve worn not more than once, very soon I’m going to be giving them out to them.

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