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The ex-wife of actor Blossom Chukwujekwu, Maureen Esisi has disclosed she should have been a mother of two by now but unfortunately, she isn’t.

Maureen Esisi celebrating herself on mother’s day wished herself for the future as she sadly reveals she should have been a mother of two by now and be celebrated like others on mother’s day but then she isn’t.

Maureen then wished herself a happy future mother’s day as she hopes to have the kids she desires to have in the future and gets to be celebrated among the wonderful and amazing mothers across the globe.

Maureen Esisi’s post reveals how eager she is to have a baby and wishes to be called a mother and that is one of the reasons why she lamented online saying she should have been a mother of two by now if she was still worried.

It’s been a year since Maureen Esisi and Blossom ended their marriage but then it appears she’s still not over the divorce as she reminds herself of it every single moment and this post shows she wished to have had children with Blossom.

Even though Maureen Esisi once claimed leaving her marriage was the best decision she could ever take, a part of her seems to be disagreeing with that as some posts of hers shows she misses Blossom and would love to be with him.

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