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Man With Master’s Degree Now Drives Keke Owing to Unemployment.

The spotlight has been tilted on a keke (tricyle) driver who apparently ventured into this business after being unemployed for years, despite having a Master’s Degree.

The man’s ‘plight’ was shed on social media by his friend who wants to highlight the vast unemployment situation in Nigeria which is getting out of hand.

According to the tweep who first shared the story, his friend bagged his MSc years ago but due to his inability to secure a job, he decided to seek alternative means of survival.

It came to light that this man in question went for a loan to start this business so he can fend for his family.

”My guy finished his Masters program some years ago with no job has gone to get a loan and bought a tricycle from a dealer on an online sales platform and has started using it to make money. It’s better than doing nothing as bills keep increasing daily,” the man shared on Twitter.

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