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Man Spills Saying You Are Digging Your Own Grave If You Are Struggling And Want To Get Married.

A Nigerian man has taken to the streets of Twitter to advise his fellow men who are trying hard to make ends meet yet are planning to settle down with their life partners.

The man identified on the micro-blogging platform as @Oku indicated that getting married for a man who is struggling now is like going on a suicide mission because life is tough at the moment.

According to him, the man who is struggling to put body and soul together in this present times we are in should not think about marriage because marriage is for the financially stable person as you would not have to be feeding only yourself but another person compulsorily.

Here’s what he tweeted;

“If you are a man still struggling and you want to marry a woman & keep as a house wife, you just started digging your grave.
You need to understand that life is tough right now. If you are not financially fit, marriage should never cross your mind. Talk more bringing another mouth”.

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