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Limpopo based singer Makhadzi found herself in hot waters after tweeps revisited a viral video of her harassing a man on stage back in November last year.

It all started when fans got up in arms against a 21-year-old lady who allegedly raped DJ Dimplez and is now claiming to be pregnant with his baby.

Men, and some women, who are disgusted by the young woman’s actions have been voicing their opinions about the matter.

This led to the resurfacing of a video of musician Makhadzi’s performance in which she is seen inappropriately touching and fondling one of her male audience.

Few fuss was made about the video after it went rival in November last year which has drawn tweeps attention to the fact that women are giving all the attention and support when it comes to issues like this but with the men it is exactly the opposite. People brush it off like it never even happened.

With the prevalence of rape and sexual assault cases in the country, many social media users expected for the musician or her management to address the matter, but they were and still are silent.

Check reactions form Twitter users below:

“If the guy didn’t have any problem with this, why are people advocating for him?
The guy really enjoyed, he even posted on his Facebook page there’s no way this is sexual harassment.”

“Lol. That day at News Cafe Ṱhohoyanḓou Thavhani Mall, Makhadzi was performing and she called out a volunteer to come to stage. The guy volunteered. In the morning, he went to Facebook, posted the video himself, and we laughed.”

“The first time i saw Makhadzi dancing like that with a guy on stage was years ago Venda nga December .. she ask for a guy to come up on stage.. whats gonna happen is explained before the song starts.. so i belive [sic] its agreed upon.”

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