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Supposed deadbeat dad Lyta has allegedly apologized to his baby mama after he was publicly shamed for ignoring his duty as a father to their son.

Lyta’s baby mama called him out a few weeks ago of being a deadbeat dad and not bothering himself about the child but then has now apologized and has been calling them each day to check on them after the call out.

Kemi in a question and answer with her fans revealed that Lyta has apologized to her and he always calls to check on them after the call out and interview but didn’t say whether he has resumed his duty as a father or not.

According to Kemi, one thing she regrets is involving Shilo, Lyta’s manager in their affair when Lyta was misbehaving but instead of Shilo helping them out and changing things, she made it even worse and that is what she regrets the most.

Adding that she doesn’t regret any of the things she said about Lyta in the call-out and interview because only God knows she would have been dead over a relationship if she had to continue taking the pain and didn’t speak up.

She then sadly said she doesn’t want to die and leave her son behind because they both literally have no one except each other and God since the father of the child has ignored him and his duty as a father.

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