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Successful Nigerian blogger, Linda Ikeji has disclosed the reason why she doesn’t beat her son Jayce when he makes mistakes or does wrong.

The mother of one took to her Instagram page to celebrate herself as a mother following some countries celebrating mother’s day. She called herself a great mother and disclosed her opinion on spaning children when they make mistakes.

According to Linda Ikeji, constant spanking, yelling, or using harsh words on children could lead to behaviour problems. She stated that these things rather cause more harm to the child than good. Linda advised parents to listen to their wards when they have something to say and acknowledging the feelings of the child and also recognising their positive behaviour is the best.

In her words,,,

“……I don’t believe in spanking children over every mistake they make in the bid to correct them. The occasional spanking, every once in a long while, is okay…(I’ve definitely done that with Jayce) but I believe when they make a mistake or misbehave, correcting them firmly but kindly, and with love is better than hitting them, yelling at them, shaking them or giving them some kind of physical punishment. Especially when they are under 5.”

“For instance with Jayce, I’ve had family and close friends tell me he is a kind and loving boy but they are family and friends so you just feel they are being nice…but less than two weeks of starting school, his teacher described him as a kind boy in his daily report book. That made my whole week. It tells me the love and kindness I show him every day is shaping him and he’s passing it forward.

“I believe that listening to our children when they have something to say, acknowledging their feelings, recognising their positive behaviour and maybe even rewarding that behaviour will help to shape them into great individuals.”

“I feel like constantly spanking, yelling, shaming, or using harsh words on our children could lead to behavior problems. That method, to me, is ineffective, does more harm than good, and kind of teaches them it’s okay to cause someone else pains if they don’t get their way or feel frustrated.”

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