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BBNaija star, Leo DaSilva, has revealed how to save money in Nigeria when people try to use some smart way to get money from you buy calling you boss.

According to Leo DaSilva, if someone calls you boss expecting something from you be smart enough to call them boss two times to cancel the first boss and turn it around so it will be like you are expecting something from them.

Leo DaSilva in his post said calling someone boss two times when they call you boss is like you are letting them know they are bigger than you, therefore, if someone needs to give the other something then is them.

His post is a very smart way of running away from giving people money whenever they see you calling you boss and expecting something from you but then don’t know whether you have what they are expecting or not.

Calling someone ‘boss boss’ if they call you boss is the strategy Leo DaSilva has probably been using to save himself from going almost everyone he meets expecting something from him and has advised that everyone does the same.

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