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BBNaija star Kiddwaya has given the perfect advice to a 19yr old girl who is eager to break her virginity and have sex just because she thinks she’s off age.

The young lady who seems eager to have sex just because she thinks she is of age and will be graduating colleague very soon asked Kiddwaya whether it’s okay for her to have sex in June because by then she would be 20.

Kiddwaya replying to the young girl gave her brilliant advice saying whether she wants to have sex or not it all depends on her but then she has to remember that having sex is not a competition for her to rush into it.

According to Kiddwaya, if she is ready to have sex, her entire body and mind will be in agreement with it and everything will be smooth but that decision depends solely on her making her understand that it’s not a competition.

Kiddwaya was right to let the 19yr old girl know that sleeping with someone is not a competition for her to rush into and the fact that it’s her decision to make solely is right for her to understand that no one can force her into it.

It seems today Kiddwaya has devoted his time to address the sexual life of his fans hence has decided to give them advice on every single question they ask him if only he has a fair knowledge of what their question is about.

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