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BBNaija reality show star, Kiddwaya has given harsh but wise friendship advice to individuals asking them to audit their circle and take off one looser friend.

Kiddwaya in a post advised individuals to audit their circle and take off one looser friend and replace him/her with one winner friend and even though his advice is harsh and hard to comply but then is the best advice that will help us all.

According to Kiddwaya, let’s audit our circle by cutting one looser friend off and add one winner friend because team dynamics is so important for our personal growth and even though it’s a tough decision, it’s a necessary one.

We all will agree with Kiddwaya that his advice is a tough one for anyone to make but also it’s very necessary for the growth of the individual therefore we have to audit our circle and cut off one looser friend and replace him/her with a winner.

No one can say they don’t have any looser friend in their circle and it’s necessary to win while growing as an individual, hence the need has come for you to audit your circle and cut off that looser friend of yours and add a winner to your circle.

Having a winner in your circle helps you the individual to grow very well because they will help and support you in whatever you do and that is the reason why Kiddwaya is advising that we should cut off one loser and add a winner to our circle.

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