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BBNaija reality show star Khloe after being betrayed by a close friend has concluded that women are snakes hence advising individuals to be careful of women.

Khloe in her post warned that one should try and fear women as she never imagined that her close friend could betray her that much even though she never said what the supposed friend did, it’s obvious Khloe has been hurt.

According to Khloe, someday soon when she has the time and is done with the emotions she’s going through now, she will explain why trusting and relying on people is the worst thing to do advising that one should stick to old friends or have no friends at all.

Khloe then rhetorically asked how someone you call your friend could fvck you over wondering why they always act like they are doing you a favor but then deep inside them they want to hurt you and does it at the least opportunity they get.

Khloe then added that the worst part of it all is that she knew her supposed friend was lying but she would sit and be nodding to whatever she says but not knowing what she did to most people around her was the exact thing she did to her.

Khloe based on her experience with this friend of hers has warned that individuals should fear women even though she herself is a woman and that shows the magnitude at which what the supposed friend did to her hurt her.

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