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Nigerian rapper, Erigga, has asked the question on the mind of most people as to why married women feel they are ahead of everybody.

Rapper Erigga who seems confused like some of us took to his Twitter handle to ask why married women feel like they senior everybody and are ahead of everyone the moment they get married as if something was added to their lives.

Most ladies after getting married automatically think they are better than their colleagues who are yet to be married and see them as some people beneath their status in life and that is what Erigga seems not to understand.

Only the married women who basically think everyone is beneath them once they get married are the ones that can explain to us the more why they feel like they senior everybody just because they are married.

This is something that has been going on for a long time and Erigga has helped us by voicing it out and we hope the women who fall under this category help us by explaining to us why they feel that way once they get married.

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