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Erica Nlewedim, infamously remembered for her disqualification in the BBNaija Season 5 edition, often nicknamed Lockdown says her time on the reality TV show felt like being in a prison.

She also recounted how a lot of housemates approached the reality show with different strategies by faking their personality so they can win the hearts of the voters but she assumed her real self.

Erica, who developed a strong rapport with billionaire’s son Kiddwaya on the same show, said she remained her true self and focused on her own game plan.

Speaking as a guest on ‘I Said What I Said’ podcast, Erica explained that it was not an easy task living one’s life under the watchful eyes of millions.

In her words;

“It is not easy to be constantly conscious of cameras every time. Obviously, one knows that cameras are there but one can’t be acting or trying to be on one’s best behaviour all the time. It is very stressful. One can do it for the first two weeks but at some point, one would get tired of it.

Some people changed but I was just the same. This is how I am. I show myself the way I am. Sometimes, I felt I shouldn’t have shown a particular person a particular side of me but I consoled myself with the thought that we would soon be out of there.

I protect myself in the real world but in that world (BBNaija), it was more like a prison.”

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