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Actor Eddie Watson in so much pain after losing his mother saying his heartaches of a pain he never thought of her existed.

Eddie Watson sharing his sorrows with fans and loved ones tried consoling himself with the fact that his mother is dead in body but her spirit that is the real Mama Leo is resting in the bosom of her maker.

Eddie Watson then thanked her for the few months of laughter, peace, and tears he gave him on her sickbed professing his love for her saying he would love her eternally and won’t ever forget about her and her love.

Losing a loved one or a relative very close to you is very painful and that is the kind of pain Eddie Watson is going through right now and his colleagues and fans have tried to comfort him with the words and reaction to his post.

Today my sweet mother and my angel went to be with the Lord! My heart aches a pain I never thought existed. Thank you, mama, for the few months of laughter, tears and peace you came to share with me. Death took your body, but it sure did not take your spirit(the real you)! I know the real you, Leonora Caulker AKA Mama Leo, rests in the bosom of your maker! Love you eternally!

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