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Mavin record boss, Don Jazzy, has appreciated all the producers at Mavin record for having at least one number one record and making him proud.

Don Jazzy in a tweet expressed his gratitude towards every Mavin producer for having at least number 1 record making him proud of them as he appreciates them for their effort to make his record label Mavin Records stand out.

According to Don Jazzy, he’s a proud daddy of all his producer for making it possible that their artists gets number 1 song and make the record label very proud as he appreciates their time and efforts in making that happen.

Don Jazzy is someone who has a very good heart and helps those in need hence if his producers, artists, and all at Mavin Records do their best to push the record label forward, he deserves it because he treats them very well.

Moreover, Don Jazzy has experience hence coaching his people might not be a problem for him because he has some experience in handling a studio but then has given the opportunity to others to help build his record label.

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