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Florence Otedola, DJ Cuppy, has warned her future suitors that if her babies Dudu and Funfun don’t like you, then she can’t date you at any cost.

DJ Cuppy who claims to be so much in love with her babies who have eventually changed her because of motherhood gave them the ultimate decision to decide on who she should date based on the relationship they have with the person.

According to her, if her babies Dudu and Funfun don’t like you when you meet them that means she can’t date you because her dogs are so much important to her that they must love the person she’s going to date.

This means that all those interested in going out with DJ Cuppy have a duty to make sure her dogs Dudu and Funfun like them if not they can just forget about going on a date with her in the first place.

Giving dogs such a privilege shows how much DJ Cuppy loves them but some people think she’s being unfair because someone might not be liked by her dogs but then the person might be so much in love with her and he has to go because of the dogs.

We believe DJ Cuppy has her reasons for saying she can never date you if her dogs Dudu and Funfun don’t like you but to the layman, it’s an outrageous thing to give your dogs such priorities over humans.

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