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Billionaire heiress, DJ Cuppy has subtly shaded her haters and critics who think money missed the road to her saying it’s rather called money makes a road.

DJ Cuppy sharing a photo of herself in front of her Ferrari said the saying money miss road is wrong but rather it’s money make road and not money miss road because if you have money, it will open almost every door for you.

DJ Cuppy subtly shading those who think she has been privileged to be born into a rich family saying money has missed road because of her behavior has said it’s rather money make road and not money miss road.

DJ Cuppy is right in saying it’s money make road because with money one can enter where ever they want to and do whatever they set their minds to do hence it’s money make road and not a money-miss road as some people say.

DJ Cuppy has one way or the other be intimidating and shading her critics and haters with her cryptic messages sending them a subtle shade to show them that no matter what they think about her, nothing will change with her life.

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