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Billionaire heiress, DJ Cuppy, has bragged about being unique in the world saying there’s no competition anywhere because no one can be like her.

DJ Cuppy in a post stating the obvious said she’s not in a competition with anyone neither is anyone going to compete with her because no one can be like her and she’s just unique in the whole world.

It’s true and obvious that no one can be like her no matter what as she’s unique just as every single person and even though some people might try to emulate or be like her, they can never be because there’s one thing that makes her unique.

Every single person in the world is unique and even twins aren’t the same hence DJ Cuppy saying no one can be like her it’s through and because of that she’s not going to be in any competition with anyone.

It’s up to the individual to believe in themselves that they are unique just as DJ Cuppy and that no one can be like them to stop competing with others trying to become what they are not in life which is killing this generation.

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