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Nollywood actor, Deyemi Okanlawon has revealed what he feels uncomfortable with within his life at the moment and wishes to find a solution to it.

Deyemi disclosed that he is very uncomfortable about being a celebrity. He explained that there’s no day he has gone out without people noticing him. He stressed that he has lost his privacy and it makes him feel very uncomfortable.

“One thing I am uncomfortable with about being in the public space is the loss of privacy. However, I learned early in my career to strictly separate my public life from my personal life, and to be intentional in choosing what I share”.

Speaking about his acting career, he stated that there’s nothing overwhelming or interesting about his career but rather being a celebrity can be overwhelming. He disclosed that he doesn’t see himself as a celebrity but rather a regular man with a job with the only difference as being seen on screens. He stated that celebrities shouldn’t be seen as rich people because they also need help.

”Interestingly, I have never found my acting career to be overwhelming. I would rather say that being a celebrity can be quite overwhelming. However, in that case, I am lucky that I have never really viewed myself as one (a celebrity). I think I am just like any regular guy with a job.”

“The only difference is that my work gets to be seen in cinemas, on TV, and other platforms. The first that comes to mind is the pressure of “Baba, come and do giveaway (Sir, do giveaways”. Meanwhile, we (celebrities) are looking for who would also do giveaway for us too”.

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