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Internet sensation now a celebrity, Deborah Okezie has lost her cool on cyberbullies who pressure her to go for surgery in order to reduce her weight.

Deborah Okezie is the mother of the schoolboy called Don Davis who was allegedly abused in a Deeper Life school. She became a known person after the issue about her son went viral. It appears the mother of one is going through a tough moment as social media bullies have jumped on her issue to reduce her weight.

Deborah Okezie who is now tagged as a”celebrity” uses her Facebook page to go live and teach people how to spice up their relationship. Although the case of her son is still in court, she doesn’t give room to frustration as she uses her page to entertain herself and also share relationship tips with her followers.

Deborah who is now a known person in Nigeria has been battling with cyberbullies and trolls who constantly humiliate and also make fun of her weight whenever she uses her social media page to go live. However, it appears Deborah is fed up with the cyberbullies as she went live on her Facebook page to slam those bullies.

According to her, she shared a photo of a newly wedded couple on Sunday wishing them joy and happiness in their marriage but the trolls used the opportunity to attack her and say horrible things under the comment section. She disclosed that the couples in the photo begged her to pull down the post over the horrible comments from the trolls.

This made her lose her cool and dragged her bullies into the mad yesterday and also blocked about 100 people wh commented ill about the post. In a Facebook live she shared yesterday, she said…

“Leave my tummy alone, my husband is not complaining, don’t make me take one thing and end up having growth. If you come here and give me BP, God knows I will give it back to you. You cannot take asleep from my eyes. What I have been through, you have not been through it. Don’t merge your life with mine. Don’t tell me about belly fat”.

“Don’t come and condemn people I post on my timeline because if you condemn them, I will condemn you too. If the public does not like my bully, then they should leave. I can’t because of them and stop eating foods that I like “, Deborah Okezie said amidst pain.

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