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Davido’s alleged lover Mya Yafai has warned that she’s overprotective of anything that she loves hence no one should try fighting her over something she loves.

Mya Yafai in a post said if you love something you protect it and to love something is to protect it that is why she’s overprotective of anything she loves and no one can fight her or say otherwise for her to change her mind.

Mya Yafai’s post reveals that she only goes to the extreme to protect something or shows she is overprotective of something if only she loves the thing but if she doesn’t love it there’s no way she’s going to protect it.

We are yet to find out the reason for this post but we believe it has to do with a romantic relationship with a guy as most ladies claim to be overprotective when it comes to their relationship with their boyfriends.

It’s definitely a guy because Mya Yafai has disclosed that she’s straight for life and has nothing to do with lesbianism therefore being overprotective of something is likely to be her relationship with a man or something like that.

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