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One of the Nigerian celebrities who are obsessed with pieces of jewelry and expensive gifts is Davido. Davido has been spotted on several occasions buying for himself expensive pieces of jewelry.

Davido took to his page to share photos of himself about to board his private jet to fly to the United States. Davido who just released his latest track titled La La is currently in Atlanta, Georgia. Davido is known for visiting Atlanta. One of the best places Davido loves to buy his pieces of jewelry in Atlanta.


Atlanta happens to be the location where the artist is known for buying his pieces of jewelry. He has his favorite jeweler who is known as “Benny da Jeweller”. A few hours after his arrival in Atlanta, he stormed his favorite store to buy some pieces of jewelry.

Davido took to his Instagram story to share photos of his newly purchased wristwatch worth millions in his favorite store. Davido bought two of the watches and wore them, snap a photo with them, and shared them on his page.

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